World Test Championship Points Table: How it works and WTC 2021-23 Standings

World Test Championship Points Table How it works and WTC 2021-23 Standings

For the second iteration of the World Test Championship, the International Cricket Council (ICC) made a number of adjustments to the points system.

Beginning on August 4, 2021, the second iteration of the ICC World Test Championship, also known as WTC 2021-23, is scheduled to come to a close on March 31, 2023. The second cycle of the World Test Championship began with India’s five-match Test series against England for the Pataudi Trophy. This matchup marked the beginning of the World Test Championship. This is the only series, along with The Ashes, that will consist of five matches played in the test format.

New Zealand, led by Kane Williamson, is the reigning champion team, but their defense of the title got off to a shaky start when they played India in a two-match Test series and drew once and then lost the second match of the series.

What is the logic behind the WTC points table?

During the World T20 Championships in 2021-23, the nine ICC full members will compete against one another in a total of 69 matches spread across 27 series. Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies make up the nine teams.

The World Test Championship does not include any series played against a team that is not a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Afghanistan, Ireland, and Zimbabwe are all included in this category. In addition, the number of matches that each team will play is not predetermined; however, it has been decided that each team will compete in a total of six series, of which they will host three and travel for the other three.

Because of the adjustment made to the points system based on the cycle, the distribution is now as follows:

MetricPoints available per matchPercentage of points

A team will earn 12 points for every win in a series, regardless of the number of matches that make up the series. The percentage of available points that are collected will, just like in the previous competition, be the determining factor in determining the standings for WTC 2021-23.

Matches in the seriesTotal points available

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), this system “allows the relative performance of teams to be compared at any point in time,” which means that the postponement of any matches or series for whatever reason does not directly affect the points table. Take note that there are also penalties involved for driving too slowly for the posted speed limit. Each time a team falls behind the competition’s pace, they risk losing one point.

WTC points table 2021-23

TeamPCT (%)PointsMatches wonMatches lostMatches drawnSeries playedPenalty overs
South Africa71.436052030
Sri Lanka54.175243140
Pakistan 52.384432230
West Indies50.00544324-2
New Zealand25.932826140

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