ICC World Test Championship Betting Guide 2022-23

ICC World Test Championship Betting Guide 2022-23

The International Cricket Council (ICC) World Test Championship (WTC) is the most prestigious competition for the game’s five-day test match format. The objective behind the establishment of the World Test Championship was to provide all of the test-playing nations with an ultimate trophy for which to compete during their respective bilateral series.

The very first World Table Tennis Championship was won by New Zealand, who went on to become the defending champions by claiming victory over India in the tournament’s final match. The ICC has announced that the championship match for the 2021–2023 World T20 will take place at Lord’s in June of 2023.

In comparison to test cricket, the limited-overs formats have been more successful in terms of attracting fans and expanding their reach to more consumers. As a result, the International Cricket Council came up with the idea for the World Test Championship in order to breathe new life into the game’s traditional format and provide it with a fresh perspective.

Test cricket will always be your first love if you are someone who believes in playing the game in its most authentic form.

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India is the odds-on favorite to win the ICC World Test Championship in 2021-23

India is still the favorite to win the 2021-23 World Table Tennis Championship even though they were defeated by New Zealand in the final. The Indian team has been performing admirably as of late, with many of their younger stars stepping up to the plate and proving their worth on numerous occasions.

Because of this, we believe that India will be the clear favorite to win the second iteration of the tournament. India has cultivated a fighting spirit the likes of which have never been seen before, and the team features a healthy balance of experienced batsmen and bowlers.

The Points System for the World Test Championship 2021-2023

The World Test Championship is essentially a point-based system that evaluates the team while they are going about playing their bilateral Test series. Because of this, there is not a significant difference in the way that the World Test Championship is played. It is played over the course of cycles that last for two years, with a winner being crowned at the conclusion of each cycle.

The contest will extend over a period of two years from start to finish. Each nation will compete against a total of six distinct adversaries, of which they will play three at their own stadium and three on the road.

Each series will consist of anywhere from two to five Test matches. As a direct consequence of this, each team will compete in the same number of series rather than the same number of individual tests.

The International Cricket Council has modified the points system for World Cup 2021-23. The percentage of points that each team has won will be used to rank the teams. The following is the most recent version of the point system:

The Number of Points Available for Each Series

Schedule for the World Test Championship, 2021–2023

The World Test Championship for the years 2021–2023 has begun. Every member nation will compete in six total series: three series at home and three series on the road.

Table of Points for WTC 2021–2023

PLAYING THE ODDS ON THE 2021–2023 ICC World Test Championship

As a result of all of this, it is an exciting prospect for the fans, viewers, and bettors who try to evaluate the game beforehand as the oddsmakers come up with odds predicting the best team to win given the circumstances.

In comparison to Twenty20 and 50-over matches, a Test match features a greater number of variables, which means that the stakes for online cricket betting are significantly higher. You are required to first sign up for an account on a betting website in order to be able to place wagers on the World Test Championship.

Check out our comparison of the top betting sites in India before moving on to the next step. We strongly recommend that you do this.

History of the International Cricket Council World Championship (WTC)

In 2009, in order to give the format a new direction and freshen things up, the idea of having an ICC tournament that consists of Test matches was first put forward. After this, many executives from the International Cricket Council and the various cricket boards offered their advice on how to proceed with this tournament.

In July of 2010, the CEO of the ICC, Haroon Lorgat, proposed the idea of a four-team tournament, in which the top four teams in the rankings would compete in a quadrennial event consisting of semis and finals, with the goal of reviving interest in the game’s longest format.

The ten countries that currently participate in the Test cricket tournament will compete in a round-robin league stage that will take place over the course of four years, from 2013 to 2017. At the end of those four years, the top four teams will compete against one another to see who will be crowned the champions of Test cricket.

This competition, which was supposed to take the place of the Champions Trophy in 2013, was scrapped, and instead, it was decided that the 50-over mega event will take place in England, which is the location where the Test championship tournament had been scheduled to take place.

The Upcoming WTC Editions

In August of 2019, the venerable Ashes series was played in England, marking the beginning of the World T20 Championship in its current iteration. An initiative that was well received by the cricketing fraternity and added a lot more energy and excitement on the field for the viewers was the addition of jersey numbers to the players’ whites, which was implemented during the World T20 Championship.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has already decided when the finals of the World Test Championship will be played and those years are 2023, 2025, 2027, 2029, and 2031. This bodes well for the World Test Championship’s (WTC) prospects in the years to come.

Consider the Toss When You Are Placing Your Bet

The coin toss has become an increasingly important factor in determining the outcome of many Test matches. If a team wins the toss of the coin, they will have a significant advantage over their opponents regardless of the playing field or the weather.

When playing on wickets that favor batting, such as those found in Asia and Australia, it is in your best interest to win the toss and bat first. This is especially true when the older ball spins and has the potential to turn.

On the other hand, if the weather is cloudy and seam and swing bowling is favored, as it is in England, South Africa, or New Zealand, then bowling first can be a viable option to put early pressure on the team that is batting.

In a situation like this, where the match is being played in conditions that favor bowlers, it is prudent for a cricket bettor to choose the away team even if the odds do not favor a good return for them. In the event that your side emerges victorious from the coin flip, you will be in an excellent position to make the most of the circumstances.

FAQs Regarding Betting on the ICC World Test Championship

What are the betting options available for the World Test Championship (WTC)?

After deciding which platform you want to use, you can use UPI to fund your betting site account after you’ve signed up for it. After that, you can select cricket from the menu that contains all of the available sports by tapping on the word “Cricket.” There is now a section for “outright bets” that you can view. If you click on that, you will be brought to a page where you can make wagers on the ICC World Test Championship.

Who took home the trophy for the ICC World Test Championship in 2021?

The inaugural World Table Tennis Championship was won by New Zealand after a victory over India. The Rose Bowl in Southampton was the location of the WTC final in 2021. The Indian team was defeated by New Zealand’s superior play, which resulted in a victory by 8 wickets. Marnus Labuschagne finished the WTC 2019-22 as the player with the most runs scored (1,675 runs), while Ravichandran Ashwin finished as the player with the most wickets taken (71 wickets).

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