Cricket World Cup Betting Update: World Cup is Booming in 2022

Cricket World Cup Betting Update World Cup is Booming in 2022

With the elections behind them, Indians can now focus on what matters, such as cricket.

The election results really took off moments after the first exit polls were released. Because it was late at night, only television channels reaped the benefits in terms of ratings and viewership. When the stock markets opened the next morning, the rally was a mix of relief and reassurance. Those who had bet on a horse crossing the finish line could either book their profits, put more money where they had been hesitant before due to volatility, or hedge their five-year bets.

When that was done, another market slowly opened up. With the elections behind them, Indians can now focus on what matters, such as cricket, with the World Cup just around the corner. To begin with, the figures are mind-boggling. In practice matches, where only 10 wickets can fall but anyone in the field of 15 can bat — not even real contests — betting is already at an all-time high. While India was playing Bangladesh, £17 million was wagered on a single meaningless game on one legal betting platform in England.

But don’t be alarmed by that figure. On the same website, £71 million in bets on the Indian Premier League (IPL) final, which the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) lost to the Mumbai Indians, were matched (MI).

Every match involving the Big Three — India, England, and Australia — is expected to bring in between £50 million and £100 million this World Cup. This is on legitimate betting platforms.

Even these legal betting operations rely on money from India, where betting on cricket is illegal, for a large portion of their revenue. While the average punter cannot register a credit card, create an account, or bet on these websites, there are a number of ways to get around the system.

Having a family member or friend in another country who can set up an account and guide you through the process is the most convenient, but this is only for those who have an odd flutter. There are avenues to park money for serious gamblers who play money on each game, hedging bets, and working spreads — similar to day traders in the stock market. “I have to pay my bills on Monday.” “There are no extensions, options, or anything to discuss,” said a regular punter in Mumbai. “It makes no difference whether I am busy, out of town, or unavailable. “Whether I win or lose, settlement day is settlement day.”

If the numbers on legal betting operations are impressive, they are only a drop in the bucket when it comes to what happens off the books. “Bhai sahib, if aapko 28% tax dena ho, hamare saath kaam karoge ya website ke saath?” (If you have to pay 28% tax, would you work with us or the website?)” I don’t have an answer because I don’t want my legs broken for failing to pay and also because I don’t bet on cricket, legally or illegally.

Would you bet some money on Afghanistan winning the World Cup if you had some spare cash? They’re 80-1 and obviously a long shot, so maybe don’t. But, in 1983, India was 66-1, and they won. Forget about winning; Afghanistan is still 10-1 to make the final four.

In India, the debate over legalizing betting on cricket and other sports is gaining traction. However, important questions remain unanswered. While corporations lobby to have their voices heard, the alternate universe that thrives on betting being illegal is more than happy to take from the pocket and preserve their market.

You can bet on the most unusual things on legal betting websites. Will there be six sixes in an over? If you prefer, the odds are 25-1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar won the tournament with a score of 25-1. While you sit at home watching the World Cup, keep your money in your pocket because much larger forces have run their algorithms, worked their magic, and found their mark.

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