Best Betting Guide for Cricket World Cup 2023

Best Betting Guide for Cricket World Cup 2023

If you believe you know everything there is to know about betting on the Cricket World Cup, you should reconsider. You may have wagered on the sport’s biggest international tournament in the past. And perhaps some of you are already genuine cricket betting experts who know everything.

Many of you, however, will want to take your CWC betting to the next level, and you should start with our Cricket World Cup betting guide.

We provide betting tips and advanced strategies for the Cricket World Cup. You will learn about the best Cricket World Cup online betting sites, giving you a better understanding of where to place your real money CWC bets and get the best value.

Betting on the Cricket World Cup in 2023

The thirteenth edition of the Cricket World Cup will be held in India from October to November 2023. That may seem like a lifetime ago now. However, if you are serious about betting on the Cricket World Cup, you will have plenty of time to study the competition and perfect your CWC predictions.

England will attempt to defend their title in 2023 after narrowly defeating New Zealand in the 2019 final. However, five-time champions Australia, as well as former winners India, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, will always be among the favorites with the best Cricket World Cup betting sites.

Qualifying for the Cricket World Cup in 2023

The ICC Cricket World Cup Super League and the Cricket World Cup Qualifier are the two methods for qualifying for the 2023 CWC. The Super League will feature the top 13 nations in the world rankings, with eight teams qualifying through that route.

The bottom five teams will then compete in the Qualifier, where two more countries will advance to the 2023 CWC.

The 13 teams in the Super League are listed below.

  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • England
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand’s
  • Pakistan
  • South African Republic
  • Sri Lankan
  • The West Indies
  • Zimbabwe

There are 19 associate teams competing for a Qualifier spot in total. Along with the Super League’s bottom five teams, five of the nations listed below will compete in the Qualifier.

It is worth noting that all of these countries will have to advance through preliminary rounds before being eligible to compete in the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

  • Bermuda
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Hong Kong.
  • Italy
  • Jersey
  • Kenya
  • Malaysia
  • Namibia
  • Nepal
  • Oman
  • Papua New Guinea (PNG)
  • Qatar
  • Scotland
  • Singapore
  • UAE
  • Uganda
  • USA
  • Vanuatu

Check out our early betting guide for the 2023 Cricket World Cup for a more in-depth look at wagering on the Cricket World Cup in India. CWC odds, betting tips, team analysis, and much more are included in this post.

Where to Place Online Cricket World Cup Bets

If you intend to wager real money on the Cricket World Cup, you should do so at the best Cricket World Cup betting sites. We all want to get the most out of our money and have the best CWC gambling experience possible, right? The best Cricket World Cup betting sites can assist with this.

There’s nothing wrong with spending days deciding where to bet on the Cricket World Cup. While conducting your own research is important, you can save time by listening to our cricket betting experts when it comes to the top CWC online bookmakers.

They’ve already done the legwork and selected the sportsbooks listed above based on the following criteria.

  • Environment that is safe and secure for real money cricket betting
  • Cricket World Cup odds that are competitive
  • A wide range of Cricket World Cup betting markets are available.
  • Attractive bonuses and promotions for betting on the CWC
  • Excellent mobile betting apps for cricket gambling
  • Fast payouts and secure banking methods
  • Customer service that is dependable

After you’ve made your CWC picks and predictions, you should look for the best value by placing your bets at the best Cricket World Cup betting sites online.

Basic Cricket World Cup Betting Strategies

We’ll go over some general CWC betting tips in this section. Even if you are experienced with cricket betting, this advice is well worth considering.

Examine the Tournament’s Past

Before you even consider betting on the Cricket World Cup, you should learn about the tournament’s history. Looking at previous winners and runners-up will only give you an advantage when making CWC predictions. At the same time, learning about countries that have underperformed over time will be beneficial.

As the table below shows, Australia has dominated the tournament over the years.

TeamTotal CWC TitlesRunners-Up
West Indies21
Sri Lanka12
New Zealand02

It is worth noting that South Africa reached four semi-finals between 1992 and 2015 without reaching the final, so study the groups as well as the knockout stages.

Previous performances do not guarantee future success, but they are a good place to start when preparing. More useful stats and records can be found later in this Cricket World Cup betting guide.

Examine the Teams and Players

There are a few simple things you can do to significantly improve your chances of profiting from betting on the Cricket World Cup.

Later on, we’ll go over some more advanced CWC betting tips. But, before you get into the more complicated aspects, you should learn everything you can about the teams and players involved in the tournament.

Cricketing behemoths such as Australia, India, and England are brimming with world-class talent. However, emerging nations like Afghanistan may only have one or two household names on their roster.

Acquainting yourself with lesser-known teams will only increase your chances of outwitting the bookmakers and finding CWC odds that represent good value.

Cricket talent abounds in countries such as Australia, India, and England.

In contrast, if the tournament favorites are missing one of their key players, the team may suffer as a result. Another way to improve your CWC betting game is to keep an eye on injury news.

Consider the Situation

There is a strong case to be made that cricket is one of the sports where the home team benefits the most from home-field advantage.

Because the sport is popular in different parts of the world, cricket is played in a variety of conditions. Different teams are used to playing in various climates, with temperature, humidity, and even the type of grass influencing the game.

Pitches in the Indian subcontinent are known for being dry and dusty, which means that countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh perform better in those conditions. On the other hand, teams like England and New Zealand typically perform well on greener fields.

It is no coincidence that Sri Lanka’s sole CWC victory occurred in 1996, when Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka shared hosting duties. Australia and New Zealand both reached the final as co-hosts in 2015, while England won on home soil in 2019.

Betting Strategy for the Cricket World Cup

It is now time to delve into some more advanced Cricket World Cup betting tips. All of these strategies can help you gain an advantage when betting on cricket’s greatest 50-over tournament.

Analyze the Statistics

Statistics have become an important part of modern sports, including cricket. In fact, cricket has recently gained a reputation for its in-depth analytics.

It’s important to remember that simply looking at past statistics won’t make you rich overnight. However, familiarizing yourself with team and player records before placing your CWC bets could give you a significant advantage.

Even if you’re new to betting on cricket, chances are you’d look at a team’s head-to-head record before betting on the outcome of a game. That seems obvious, doesn’t it?

Cricket statistics, on the other hand, cover a wide range of topics. When it comes to bowling and batting, there are numerous factors to consider. The table below provides the bare minimum of information you should consider when betting on the Cricket World Cup.

Some of the entries above have the same name, so while working the numbers, make sure to check to see if they apply to bowling or batting.

Batting StatsBowling Stats
FiftiesDot Balls
Strike RateEconomy
AverageStrike Rate

Finally, the more you understand about individual player statistics, the better your chances of winning your CWC bets.

Profit from In-Play Markets

Some people prefer to bet on the overall winner of the Cricket World Cup, while others prefer to bet on individual games in the competition. Both approaches have the potential to be successful, but there is one that many people overlook.

In-game wagers can be extremely profitable if you want to make the most of your Cricket World Cup betting opportunities.

In cricket, for example, there are ten different ways to get a batsman out; five are fairly common, while the other five are uncommon. The best CWC betting sites have dismissal markets where you can bet on how the next wicket will be taken.

  • Caught
  • LBW
  • Bowled
  • Run out of time
  • Stumped

Why not bet on the next dismissal being an LBW if a fast bowler is known for hitting batsmen’s pads? Similarly, if you know a spinner is good at turning the ball, there’s a good chance the next wicket will be stumped.

You can also look at the batsmen. A run out is more likely if there is a noticeably slow player at the crease.

There are also in-play markets for runs. Why not back a batsman who has racked up 30 runs with ease and appears to be in good form to score a half-century?

Live Cricket World Cup betting odds are frequently more expensive than pre-game markets. So, if you pay close attention to matches and evaluate the individual performances of the players, you could make a tidy profit.

Examine the Weather

Weather, like pitch conditions, is frequently an important factor in cricket. However, while pitch conditions vary depending on where the tournament is held, the weather is far less predictable.

As a result, keeping an eye on the weather forecast can help you make extra money when betting on the Cricket World Cup.

In cricket, the weather conditions are critical.

A heavy downpour, on the other hand, is likely to end a game. However, matches are frequently played in light rain. Wet conditions usually favor the batting team, so keep that in mind.

The batsmen can generate more power on their shots because the ball skids onto the bat. The ball also travels faster on a wet outfield, making it more difficult for fielders to prevent boundaries.

When it comes to betting on CWC games, especially in-play, checking the weather forecast can be extremely beneficial.

Post-Tournament Awards are a good bet

Remember, you don’t have to bet on individual CWC games. The best online betting sites for the Cricket World Cup offer markets for post-tournament awards, among other things, and there is money to be made.

You can not only predict the Player of the Tournament, but also who will win the Golden Bat and Golden Ball, which are awarded to the top run-scorer and wicket-taker, respectively.

The latter is an example of an award that could bring you a lot of money. Let’s look at some recent winners to see what we mean.

As you can see, fast bowlers have dominated the Golden Ball in recent years. Only one spinner, Shahid Afridi, has finished as the leading wicket-taker since 2003, and even then, he shared the honor with Indian paceman Zaheer Khan.

Fast bowlers have recently dominated the Cricket World Cup.

Given that fast bowlers typically take the most wickets at the Cricket World Cup, betting on one of the pre-tournament favorites’ pacemen to win the Golden Ball is always a good bet.

With our main CWC betting strategy out of the way, let’s look at some key facts about the competition’s history and format. They can assist you in better understanding the big picture and making better cricket betting decisions.

Qualification for the Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup (CWC) has been running since 1975, with various qualifying formats leading up to the finals.

Previously, some teams would automatically qualify for the Cup based on their test match rankings. Others would have had to compete in a qualifier competition the year before the World Cup.

However, beginning in 2023, all teams, with the exception of the Cup’s host nation, will be required to compete in qualifying tournaments. The new qualifiers will last two to three years and will feature 372 total matches.

The ICC hopes that the new format (along with the elimination of the team entry fee) will make the CWC more accessible to teams from underrepresented groups.

The qualifying tournaments will be round-robin knockout ODI (One Day International) cricket. This could provide new and interesting ways to bet on the World Cup and possibly even the qualifiers.

The CWC features ten teams competing for the title, but this number has fluctuated in the past and may do so again.

Teams who have competed in every World Cup

Over the years, twenty teams have competed in the Cricket World Cup, but only these seven have played in all of them.

  • Australia
  • England
  • India
  • New Zealand’s
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lankan
  • The West Indies

East Africa, Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Scotland, Namibia, Bermuda, Ireland, and Afghanistan are among the other countries that have competed in the Cricket World Cup at least once.

Finals of the Cricket World Cup

Let’s take a closer look at the Cricket World Cup Finals, including the award distribution and prize pool.

Tournament Structure

In the first stage of the competition’s finals, all ten teams that qualified for the CWC play each other once in a round-robin system under the current format, which was established in 1992.

This equates to nine games per team, for a total of 45 matches in the group stage.

The top four teams advance to the semi-finals, where the two winners will face off in the championship match. It’s a simple system that works well, combining consistency with the ability to perform in pressure situations.

From a CWC betting standpoint, it’s comforting to know that teams can make a few mistakes in the group stages and still win the Cup.

Individual Recognition

Aside from the Cup itself (which takes two months to create in London by silver workers and goldsmiths), there are four individual awards given at the end of the World Cup.

Golden BallTop-wicket taker
Golden BatTop scorer
Player of the TournamentBest Player
Player of the Match in the CWC FinalTop performer in the final match

CWC Final Player of the Match

Top performer in the championship game

They are intended to recognize the best individual performers throughout the tournament, and the majority of the top Cricket World Cup betting sites provide odds on the winners both before and during the CWC.

monetary award

To encourage each team to play their best, the ICC awards not only the Cup winner and runner-up, but also the winner of each league stage match and teams that advance through the league stage.

The total purse awarded is $10,000,000 USD, with the winner of the CWC receiving $4,000,000.

Given that this is more than the West Indies Cricket Team’s annual income and ten times the budget of some less-successful nations, it is clear that the awards format motivates cricketers to perform at their best.

When all is said and done, here’s how the prize pool is divided.

The biggest nations are primarily motivated by the glory of winning the Cricket World Cup, but every victory is significant for the smaller nations.

History of the Cricket World Cup

Since the late 1800s, various attempts have been made to establish a cricket tournament tradition. However, the World Cup was not established until 1975.

The CWC made its debut in England, and it was decided that this tournament to determine the world’s strongest cricket team would take place every four years.

England hosted the first three World Cups because it had the infrastructure to accommodate a large number of teams and matches, as well as the throngs of spectators gathered to witness history.

India and Pakistan co-hosted the first World Cup held outside of England in 1987. Although the Cup began with competition between eight teams, by 1987, the format had changed to allow 16 teams to compete in the CWC.

In 1987, India and Pakistan co-hosted the first CWC outside of England.

Since then, several countries have hosted the World Cup, including Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand jointly, Bangladesh, and South Africa.

The Cricket World Cup in Numbers

Given how many nations compete for the right to compete in the World Cup, it is astonishing that the title has only been won by a few teams.

TeamTitlesSecond Place
West Indies21
Sri Lanka12
New Zealand02

The West Indies, or “Windies,” as the team is known, won the first two titles when they were the dominant nation, led by the legendary “Master Blaster” Vivian Richards.

However, Australia has been the dominant force in the CWC since 1999. Interestingly, despite hosting the first three World Cups, England did not win their first title until 2019, 44 years after the tournament began.

Teams that have won consecutive games

Among all the competition, consecutive wins are particularly impressive, and there haven’t been many of them, as the table below shows.

Only the West Indies in the early days of the competition and Australia have won back-to-back titles, so keep that in mind when looking for the best Cricket World Cup bets.

Countries with the most World Cups hosted

Hosting the Cricket World Cup is more than just gaining an advantage; it is a great honor to be the tournament’s host.

The countries that have hosted the CWC the most times are listed below. Some have hosted alone, while others have hosted as part of a consortium of neighboring nations.

And, to see how much of a benefit playing on home soil provides, consider the number of times the host nation has won the Cricket World Cup.

Champions of the CWC at Home

1996Sri Lanka

On the surface, four titles from thirteen editions does not seem like a lot. A closer look reveals that the last three Cricket World Cups have all been won by one of the host countries, which you should be aware of when betting on the CWC.

Are you ready to begin betting on the Cricket World Cup?

Our cricket betting experts are convinced that there are good Cricket World Cup bets available for those who know where to look. We hope that our strategy tips will assist you in making money with your CWC wagers, and we would like to remind you that sticking to the top cricket betting sites is critical.

Here are our recommendations for those of you who want to give it a shot.

All of the Cricket World Cup betting sites listed above offer excellent value for money and can be trusted due to stringent security measures and a gambling license issued by a reputable regulator.

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